Woodland Creek Soay Rams

Woodland Creek Soay Rams
Soay Sheep Ram Assortment

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Black and White Soay lambs

Our five new "Black and White group" Soay lambs from 2008 are growing nicely. The two blacks with fairly extensive white spotting are just as attractive as I had imagined they would be when I first envisioned creating this phenotype several years ago.
They make a very attractive group of Soay lambs, as you can see below.

Our 5 "Black and White Group" Soay lambs 2008

Left to right above are Yosemite-r, Athena-e, Flindra-e, Tundra-r, and Anasazi-e.
Here is a short video of them playing together recently.

Obviously one of the 5 is NOT a self-colored black. The brown one, Flindra, had a 50% chance of being self-colored black. She is heterozygous for self-colored black (A+/Aa) so will be retained for next year's B&W group - having a 50% chance of producing a black (same genotype as her mother Bunny).

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