Woodland Creek Soay Rams

Woodland Creek Soay Rams
Soay Sheep Ram Assortment

Monday, April 23, 2007

Oops! I did it again...

I guess this bottle lamb thing is contagious. Yesterday I picked up yet another bottle Soay sheep lamb - our fourth one for this year. I discovered from a fellow Soay sheep breeder that a lamb had in her flock had been orphaned when the dam died trying to deliver a second, stillborn, breach lamb. This is not just any ewe, but the venerable old Blue Mountain Velvet. Some of you may know that she was a self-colored black ewe and had the distinction of being one of only about 4 or 5 Soays in North America ever known to have triplets - and one of only 3 where all 3 survived.
More importantly, this little ram lamb is marked just the way I like them - homozygous for both self-colored black and white spotting genes. Here is what the little guy (Blue Mountain Orca) looks like. He is with his buddy the bottle lamb Jack: (click photo to enlarge)

Now the only real problem is feeding 4 bottle lambs at once. Everybody is pushing and shoving and near death of starvation, so there is no waiting patiently. I taped two of the milk bottles together with duct tape, making a 'double-barrel' feeding bottle. That way, with one bottle between my knees, the double-barrel in my right hand, and a single in my left, all 4 lambs fed successfully at once this morning!

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